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Real estate is a financial asset and commodity which is essentially the ownership, sale, exchange and transfer of the property by one person to another. The term real estate can be used to describe any item or collection of items that are owned by someone. Real estate includes land and buildings. Real estate can also refer to large tracts of undeveloped land with natural resources such as forests, rivers and mountain ranges where there could potentially be valuable development opportunities in the future. There are few markets as diverse in size and wealth as real estate markets.

Real estate and real estate agents are closely related. The work of realtors and agents is much alike in that both parties are helping people find properties to buy or sell. In all cases, both people want the transaction to be successful, but that does not mean there is no room for disagreement or mistrust.

Real estate agents play a significant role in the actual negotiation process for a buyer or seller of property. They have access to the property information necessary to help communicate with the person selling the property, as well as all necessary information needed by the buying party. Real estate agents also assist their clients with preparatory work necessary before putting their property on the market, such as making sure all legal requirements are met.

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