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The arts, that is. This past week, our sister and I were looking for some local music acts to check out. We wanted to visit an arts center and have a night out and then maybe go out to dinner. We found a venue at which the artists were on a sound system. While we were there we were talking about the arts and how we felt about it and how we should feel about it. We found this to be an interesting conversation.

It’s definitely an interesting conversation. Some people I know feel as little connection with the arts as we do. But not everyone feels that way.

The arts tend to be one of the only things that are considered “good”. As a general rule, I think the arts are a “good” thing because they give us an escape from the mundane, and that is what we need. But I understand that a lot of people feel as if they feel like they should feel something, and so they don’t. That doesn’t mean we should stop making music, write more fiction, or do anything creative.

I think that feeling of disconnect is a result of a lot of things.

I don’t know if I feel the same way about the arts as I do music, because I have no idea what the definition of being creative is. I feel like I should be creating new things, but I don’t know if I feel like I should be a writer, an artist, or a musician. I feel like I should be doing something creative, but I dont know if I feel that I should be an artist.

I’m not sure there’s a right or wrong answer here. Maybe we should just stop making music and go straight to the next level of existence. If that’s the case, I have nothing against it.

Yes, I think it’s an interesting question. Some people might say that there is enough demand for artists to fill an art gallery, and that there is a need for artists in the entertainment industry, that there are plenty of artists in the creative community. But I feel like this is a bit of a double standard, because artists are artists, and people like to see their work.

But on the flipside, there is a need for artists to express themselves through art. Its a little bit like the need for women in the entertainment industry to show off or promote themselves. There is a need for a certain type of person to act like an artist, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

In a way, artists are artists because we love to express ourselves. Not only that but we also believe that it is our duty to express ourselves through art. So I feel like its okay to make art that has a social impact, because that is a big part of our culture. But this is also a double standard, because there are tons of other artists. But there are a ton of people who simply want to talk about themselves.

I see this a lot with art, because while I don’t necessarily want to make art for a social purpose, I do want to express myself by creating art. While I think it shouldn’t necessarily be a crime to be a social activist, I also think that it is possible to be an artist (and if it is, it is probably a very good one).

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